Earth Lodge 24

August, 16th-22nd - 2018, Tuscany

The theme of the 24th Earth Lodge 

The theme of the 2018 Earth Lodge will be the 2-card of the Xultun Tarot deck, which represents: “The Fire Woman”.

The image on the card depicts a warrior-woman. The woman says: “I give my knowledge of the heart to you.” The figure represented in the card is known as a teacher and healer.

Come and meet these aspects of yourself at the Earth Lodge and learn to listen to your inner knowing so to actualize what you desire in any arena of your life – health, vitality, abundance, happiness.

What stops or distracts us from this inner knowing?

These are the themes we will play with this summer:

Male/Female Balance: Men will learn how to trust their gut knowing and become more sensitive to the impact of their actions. Women will learn how to trust their womb knowing and take the necessary actions in order to actualize this inner knowing.

The YinYang represents pure balance in all aspects.

What is actually balance? And how do we maintain and sustain it in the pressurized lifestyle we live? Inner silence leads us to what we call “body knowing” (a knowledge that goes beyond ideas and concepts, since it is validated as “knowledge that works” by our own body).