a holiday in nature, a way to grow together.
Earth Lodge
An opportunity for children, kids, teen, adults and families for living ceremonies
and receiving teachings from the Sweet Medicine SunDance Path
Nature as a teacher
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The Sweet Medicine SunDance Path is a shamanic way
born by the ancient teachings of the Twisted Hairs...

There are precise moments in which we experience transformation in our bodies and in our awareness:
these moments are called Rites of Passage.


August 12th-18th, 2021
Earth Lodge 27

Are you keeping your North, while the world around you seems to be holding a broken compass? This August, at Earth Lodge 27, we want to share with you some essential tools to navigate these complex times without losing your way. You will learn to recognise and consciously shape a solid core of values: an unshakable "gravitational point" that will keep you stable and will inform your vision on reality and the way you move into the world. You will get deeply in touch with the natural drive that pulls you towards "the more" and understand what is truly worth dedicating your precious, unrepeatable life to. You will harness the power of imagination and knowledge to sight new lands and reach them. No wind is unfavourable to the sailor that knows where they want to go. Jump aboard Earth Lodge 27!

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What is Earth Lodge? Who is it designed for?
And above all: why is it *so* special?
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An experience for people of any age

For any age

At the Earth Lodge each age group has its own specific activities, ceremonies, Rites of Passage. There are moments for “playing” within groups and other moments for gathering with the whole community…

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For children from 4 to 9 years

In this Lodge the children learn through creative games, painting, sculpting, singing at the big collective drum, walking in nature, listening to fairy tales around the campfire.

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For kids from 10 to 13 years

Boys and girls who are between 10 and 13 are no longer children but not yet adolescents: we involve the them with creative activities, nourishing their curiosity and their willingness to build deep bonds.

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For teen from 14 to 17 years

Teen Lodge put together boys and girls from 14 to 17 who will receive teachings, confront with their peers and with adults in order to understand better themselves and have a clear look at their life goals.

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For young adults from 18 to 26 years

Young adults from 18 to 26 continue their personal growth, strengthening their bonds and deepening their roots so to become mature adults and more and more responsible.

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For adults

Adults will have the opportunity of living moments of pure amusement, aggregation and sharing – exactly as in a big family – and they’ll have opportunities of evolution and self growth.

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Participants in 2018
Past editions!


“Earth Lodge is the best way that I know to get a glimpse of a better life, with more light, more hope, more determination for the future. It’s never too late nor too early to make the difference on this planet.”

Rebecca, Flower of the South Wind

“On my bookshelf, I have a group picture of the Children Lodge: it keeps me company, especially in those days when everything seems obeying to Murphy’s Law. I see those faces painted and smiling and in my heart hope is kindled.”

Lucia, Light Panther

“The thing that touched me about Earth Lodge was the opportunity of sharing this experience with all my family, in contact with nature, experiencing different activities, ceremonies and teachings for children, teen, adults and the sensation of being in a larger family, eager to grow together.”

Bob, Man of the Dragon’s Gifts