Earth Lodge 26

Earth Lodge 2020 will take place in Sasso Marconi, near Bologna

Earth Lodge 2020 will happen!

Even this year, in spite of everything, Earth Lodge will happen! 

Due to organisational reasons registrations are now open for TEEN, YOUNG ADULTS and ADULTS lodges. 

The event will take place in full respect of the anti Covid-19 current regulations. 

What will you learn?

You will discover how to recognize the beauty of the Feminine, both in men and in women.

You’ll find your truth and the courage to “walk” it, to bring it out into the world.

The truth works: stop doing what doesn’t work, because that’s not your truth.

Trusting your truth gives you the courage to “walk your talk” and to stop disrespecting the agreements you make – with yourself, in the first place!

This is what really sets you free.