Earth Lodge 28

28° Earth Lodge: The Hero's Journey

August 11th-17th 2022 | Sasso Marconi (Bologna)

You are probably familiar with the story of Santiago, a simple Andalusian shepherd, leading a quiet life. One day, Santiago falls asleep in the vicinity of a ruined church, adorned with a sycamore tree, and he dreams…
In his dream, a child invites him (or rather challenges him?) to pursue a treasure in the lands of Egypt… a treasure that rightfully belong to him and that he would reach — on condition that he first got rid of the only life he knew.
Santiago sets off. On his adventurous journey, the man will meet allies and enemies, helpers and impostors, and will be shaped by the love for a woman and the guidance of a master: the Alchemist. From him, Santiago will learn to transform lead into gold, in other words, to open his mind and heart to determine his own destiny.
Does this destiny include a treasure, you ask? Yes, it does. Upon arrival at the pyramids of Egypt, Santiago will discover that the treasure really exists… buried in Andalusia, near a ruined church adorned with a sycamore tree…

Are you ready to embark on a journey and get to your treasure?

There is an enormous potential hidden in each one of us: a richness we can accesswhen we decide to take off “the shepherd’s clothes” and say “yes” to a greater Dream.
Each of us has a “comfortable outfit” in the wardrobe: a socially accepted appearance, which has defended us, allowed us to feel part of a collective narrative of reality.
A useful and functional “outfit”, of course, but also a dangerous one: over time, it becomes almost a second skin, leading us to forget our true resources.
At some point, however, something happens in our lives that tears the identity we have so carefully tailored, just enough to reveal something else beyond it… We have then the opportunity to remember our treasure
To find it, we must first undertake a journey, an inner alchemical work that will allow us to change our state of consciousness and perception.
For thousands of years, this same journey has been undertaken by men and women who did not want to surrender to the comfort of mediocrity.
Like the brave Santiago, we too can rise above our personal history. We can awaken from our addiction to the collective narrative to which we have all tried to belong, and say yes to our Greatest Dream.
As human beings, we can determine that our transit through this time be a heroic journey

Are you ready to take the first step?


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Once at the Earth Lodge, always at the Earth Lodge

“The Earth Lodge is the best way I know to look forward to a better life, with more light, more hope and more determination for the future.

Rebecca, South Wind Flower

“On my bookshelf I have a group photo of the Children’s Lodge: it keeps me company, especially on those days when everything seems to obey only Murphy’s Law. I then look at our painted and smiling faces and in my heart the flame of hope is rekindled.”

Lucia, Light Panther

“What touched me about Earth Lodge is being able to experience this with my whole family, in touch with nature, having differentiated teaching experiences and ceremonies for children, teens, adults, with a sense of coming together as an extended family, wanting to grow together.”

Bob, Man of the Dragon's Gifts

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