Rites of Passage

“If the young are not initiated into the tribe, they will burn down the village just to feel its warmth”(African proverb)

In the tradition of the Sweet Medicine SunDance Path, every age has its own Rites of Passage. Some of these ceremonies celebrate the natural transitions that each of us, as human beings, experiences: birth, puberty, maturity, aging and death.

Paying honor to the stepping stones of our experience helps us stay in contact with our natural cycles and align ourselves both to the world around us and to our bigger “family”.

The ceremonies play a major role in the integration of the process of change and evolution and in the natural alignment to the Cycles of Life.

There are precise moments in which we experience transformation in our bodies and in our awareness: these moments are called Rites of Passage.

To acknowledge and to accept these moments allows us to live life with creativity and in deep connection with ourselves and others.