Who we are

a bigger family

The Earth Lodge is a summer camp for those who desire to spend a holiday in close contact with nature and themselves.
This event is open to everyone: men and women of all ages, families with teenagers or younger children that wish to experience together a whole week rich in activities and opportunities.

For almost 30 years, each summer, we have being meeting to live together in nature, to have fun, to experience harmony and the joy of sharing.

The Earth Lodge is a place where we grow hope: all together we experiment the possibility of living in a community model that promotes evolution both at a personal and at a collective level.

The seeds of beauty that are planted during these days are a precious treasure to bring back home: like a seed, it will sprout within the family, in friendships, at school, at work, in relationships of any kind.
The Earth Lodge is indeed a very strong experience of transformation in which we can awaken to the memory of who we really are, remembering what our soul design is, in order to actualize it.

The Earth Lodge is a womb where to find knowledge and to learn how to do of our own life a ceremony, every day, in our daily experience.